Exporting Wine Financial Logistics   

We have three fees -- one for importing, exporting and distributing your wine; one to monitor and administer wine in storage; and one to fulfill sales direct to retailers and restaurants in California and sales direct to consumers via the internet.

Our fees are in addition to the actual costs of ocean freight, insurance, customs brokerage, duties and taxes, transport from port to warehouse, storage and retail delivery. These costs are the responsibility of the client, and are paid directly to the service providers by the client or paid to those providers by Pacific Rim Wine Logistics and then reimbursed by the client. 

Pacific Rim Wine Logistics' import/export per case service fee include COLAs (federal Certificate of Label Approval), brand registrations, and all related activities that may be required. This fee also includes fulfilling wholesalers' orders, staging wine for-pickup, coordinating pick-up dates and other details with freight companies, and confirming receipt in wholesalers' warehouses. Also included in this per case fee are wholesale customer invoicing, collecting receivables, and transferring funds into your account

Our retail sales fulfillment fee is changed per sales order for wine sold directly to retail and restaurants in California and directly to consumers via the internet. This fee includes processing all retail orders, arranging for and assuring timely delivery, invoicing customers, monitoring and collecting receivables, and forwarding collected funds directly to your account.

Our storage monitoring and administration fee is charged per case per month for wine stored in our warehouses and includes verifying and reconciling inventory, monitoring storage charges, and organizing wine pick-up by out-of-state distributors and deli.  

This all-inclusive, low-cost, three-fee-only system allows you to set your wholesale and retail pricing in a predictable way so as to maximize sales and profits.

All financial activates and reports are available on a real-time basis either online or by email.