Exporting Wine from the USA


Full Range of Export Services

Pacific Rim Wine Logistics' Import and export services are available for all Pacific Rim locations. We provide precise, timely and comprehensive management of your import/export program, ensuring that all regulatory, certification, compliance and security requirements are met. Whether it’s a full container by ocean freight or three cases by air, we do it all. Our long-standing business partnership with a San Francisco-located customs broker assures a cost-effective, efficient and frustration-free import/export experience.
To keep clients’ costs low, Pacific Rim Wine Logistics clients (overseas wineries, US exporters, wholesalers) are responsible for the actual costs of ocean freight, insurance, customs brokerage, duties and taxes, transport from port to warehouse and storage.  

All Pacific Rim Wine Logistics' comprehensive import/export services are included in our per case import/export fee.

Detailed import/export activities and reports are available either online or by email.